Feb 272013

Chitika allows you to display ads on your website, blog, app or mobile site, with content from our high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted, mobile, and local ads to best target your users.

Chitika.Com Legit & Trust
Ad Network Type CPC : Banner text Ads , Search-targeted , Mobile , Local ads
eCPC Very High
Payment Frequency 30 Days , Automatically
Minimum Payment $ 10
Payment Method PayPal , Checks
Description Best Adsense Alternative , Best CPC Ad Network .
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  5 Responses to “Chitika Review”


    I have 100$ long pending due with Chitika from last 3 months. I was supposed to paid through pay pal 2 months back through Paypal but still it is not paid. I recommend not to use Chitika as it is one of the worst advertisers.


    I love adsense than chitika.


    Chitika is one of the powerful adsense alternate people is going to left Chitika due to they want money in sort time. Please make sure 2 thing before using this.
    (1) You have space for text ads.
    (2) Good SEO Work at least 1000 Visitor per day.
    If you have given two think no one can stop you to make money from Chitika. People stop blogging due to they are not getting response. I want to tell you I have started blogging 9 Month back with my blog I used so many adsense but all was in vain. From the last 3 Months I am only doing SEO and Getting 250+ Visitor and per day 1$ too. SO be happy do strong SEO WORK.


    thanks for sharing mr adin

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