Mar 022013 is a technology driven online advertising company that enables direct marketers and internet retailers to maximize their profits by providing professional strategy and high quality services.

eDomz Legit & Trust
Ad Network Type CPM : Popunder
eCPM High
Payment Frequency Daily
Minimum Payment $ 5
Payment Method Paypal
Description Don’t Allow Warez, MP3s, ROMs, newsgroup postings, SPAM e-mails, or any other site which contains content or promotes activities which are illegal in the United States.
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  11 Responses to “eDomz Review”


    I have personally never used but I have seen many good reviews about them in forums, Could you tell me please if they are monetizing traffic from malaysia and philippines. I have good traffic for these two country.


    edomz not bad . i don’t like it


    I use popads, indo, malay get high CPM, especially Indonesia, hope its blessings


    I am getting $3 for MY traffic and I am earning around $35 daily in their network mostly traffic from MY

    They are giving very good rate for a lot of country


    Hi Guys, edomz is good for asian countries too. They recently send an email and offerred better rates for Indoesia, malasiya and philipines. You should check and contact them with your website stats.


    If you are not accepted by big advertising network like google, yahoo, valueclick media, Go for small but trusted networks like Edomz, they are one of the best ads network using them for long time, ecpm rate good and support is really exceptional.


    Well, I have tested edomz direct link in two niches. In both niches, it performs well for malaysian and indonesian traffic. I would suggest you in other option popads, both are good option.


    Good information of


    Useful information about edmoz


    I am using edomz and popads alternatively on my blog mpsccurrent with alexa rank 6.5 lakh. I strongly recommend these networks irrespective of traffic size.If you have majority traffic from Indian/ Asian region these networks are wonderful.

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